5 Best Tips For Decorating Your Rental Property

Decorating a rental property differs from your permanent home. The lease agreement may not permit you to decorate to the extent of making permanent changes on the property. As a result, the degree of changes you can make will depend on the contract.

Some will require you to return the property to its original state when you vacate the house. Failure to abide by the terms may lead to legal issues or losing your security deposit.

Decorating your rental property may be tricky. Since it is only temporary accommodation, you may need to weigh the financial risks and the aesthetic benefits. In this article, we will provide you with the best tips to decorate your rental property such that it will not break the terms of your lease.

Below are the best tips to personalize the apartment if you will be residing in the rental property for a while.

1.     Apply a fresh coat of paint

Applying a fresh coat of paint is the easiest way to personalize the rental property. However, before you do this, you will need to read your lease agreement carefully to see what it says about painting the rental home. While some landlords may require that you repaint the property to its original design when you vacate the house, others may be against you applying a fresh coat of paint on their properties.

However, some landlords are okay with renters painting the walls of the home. They may not expect you to repaint the property to its original state at the end of your lease. Instead, they will see it as an easy pathway to update the walls of their property.

We advise that you seek the consent of your landlord before you engage in this form of decoration. Doing this will prevent you from losing your security deposit or having issues with the landlord. If your landlord approves it, you are free to paint the property with colors that will blend with your personality.

The best option here is to paint the property with neutral colors. It will boost the apartment’s aesthetics to the extent that your landlord will thank you for adding more value to the property.

1.     Apply stick-on wallpapers


Wall decals come in different styles, designs, and forms. You can use them to improve the aesthetics of your rental property. Stick-on wallpapers are cheap, easy to apply, and do not damage the property in any way. When you want to vacate the rental property, you can easily peel them from the walls.

Sometimes, applying stick-on wallpapers may need wall prepping. That is the case with textured walls because air pockets will not allow the wallpaper to appear smoothly. Also don’t forget to protect the HVAC system if wall preparation is required to prevent it from dust.

 You may decide to cover the entire walls with stick-on wallpapers or highlight a specific area that will be eye-catching. It is also possible to change the dull looks of the kitchen or bathroom by applying tile stickers of various colors, sizes, and patterns.

1.     Upgrade the lighting

Upgrading the lighting is one decoration tip that may not require any permission from your landlord. Here, you are not changing the electrical wirings but only the bulbs and lighting fixtures. This decoration can make a significant difference to the appearance of your rental.

Invest in a collection of table lamps or floor lights. Different areas of the house may have variable lighting needs. Depending on your budget, you may want to avoid overhead lights or lighting fixtures because of the extra charges and technical issues.

2.     Decorate the property with indoor plants

Adding greenery to your indoor space is an excellent way to beautify the property and make it homey. It is a great option, especially if the rental property doesn’t have a yard for plants. Indoor plants will help to add extra character, brighten the home, and clean the air. This is essential if you are residing in a busy city.

We advise that you choose plants like aloes, spider plants, ferns, and snake plants. That is because they are cheap and easy to maintain. In addition, these plants help to remove formaldehyde, ammonia, and benzene from the atmosphere.

1.     Display art on the walls

Are you a lover of art? Even if you are not an art lover, it is not an excuse to allow the walls to remain bare. How you display your wall arts will depend on the lease agreement. Some landlords may restrict renters from hanging wall arts because the nails will leave holes on the walls. However, most landlords will allow you to decorate the walls if you will repair them when you vacate. There are various ways you can display your wall art without damaging the walls. You can place the crafts on tabletops, shelves, and other surfaces.

The bottom line

If you intend to spend some time on the rental property, you may consider personalizing it to make it homey. Depending on your approach, you can hide flaws and protect the surfaces from spills, wear, and tear. Always remember to check your lease or seek permission from your landlord when necessary.