7 Tips for Bringing More Light into Your Home

7 Tips for Bringing More Light into Your Home

Natural light and sunlight are essential for human beings. It’s a well-known fact that they can boost your mood and are good for your mental health. Plus, they also increase productivity. This is why studies have shown that many people choose homes with a lot of natural light. Nevertheless, not all properties are built this way. In many cases, it’s not even possible because of how crowded cities have become. Still, there are some tricks that you can use. Here are our top 7 tips for bringing more light into your home.

No. 1 Add windows – a lot of them

If you own a property or your leasehold agreement allows you, replace the tinny windows with large ones. This is the surest way to bring more light into your home. Moreover, if you have enough space, you can even add windows in areas with none. And don’t forget about skylights. If you live in a house or on the top floor of an apartment building, this is the best solution to let daylight in. However, it’s also essential to keep all those windows clean if you want the light to come through.

No. 2 Bring more light into your home through colors

Not only do colors light up your mood, but they can also freshen up your home decor. Usually, light colors such as white reflect natural light. However, this doesn't mean that you have to paint all your walls white, especially if you don't like it. 

You can choose warm, bright colors combined with white. For example, you can paint only the ceiling or two walls in a room white and the rest of them a different color. This will also create the illusion of a bigger room. In any case, you should avoid dark colors because they have the opposite effect. And the same goes for wallpapers, as they don't reflect light because of their texture.

 Mirrors on a wall for bringing more light into your home, a couch in front and a window to the left

Use mirrors with light-colored frames to reflect the light and make rooms seem bigger

No. 3 Go for light floors

Floors are also very important because they can reflect the light if they are shiny. Choose light wooden floors or glossy ceramic tiles to get this effect. And preferably, don't cover them. Nevertheless, if you don't like bare floors or if they are already made of darker wood, you can always use light-colored rugs.

No. 4 Reflective surfaces are key

To bring more light into your home, you should add as many reflective surfaces as you can. There are many ways to do that, but here are a few ideas:

  • Use high gloss paint. Regardless of the color you choose for your walls, you can make sure that the paint is high gloss or semi-gloss. This will help reflect the light without even requiring any additional elements.
  • Choose shiny furniture. This is an excellent idea, particularly for kitchens and bathrooms, because it's also easier to clean shiny surfaces.
  • Add mirrors. Mirrors are great at reflecting light, and if you position them strategically, you can light up even the darkest areas. Apart from this, they also create the illusion of bigger rooms, and they look pretty.
  • Use glass, mirrored, and metallic decorations. Accessorizing with such elements is good for bringing more light into your home and is also very chic.

 Use shiny furniture for bringing more light into your home

A kitchen with shiny white furniture

No. 5 Use the furniture to your advantage

If you are in the process of designing your home, then you should go for light-colored furniture. This will brighten up the place immediately. However, if you have to work with what you got, then rearrange the furniture. Place the furniture in the direction of the light to reflect it. And get rid of those massive pieces of furniture that block the light and make rooms look smaller.

No. 6 Become a minimalist

There are so many beautiful home accessories on the market that sometimes it's impossible to help yourself from buying them. However, if there's too much clutter in a room, it will make it look smaller and darker. Therefore, you should try the minimalist décor for bringing more light into your home. Choose only one piece of art to hang on the wall and leave the rest bare to reflect the light.

However, if your home is already full of interior decorations, make an effort to remove some of them. This doesn't mean that you have to throw everything in the trash, as you can always store items you don't use as there are many great storage solutions in Canada. This way, they will be kept safe, and when you get bored of an item in your home, you can switch it for one in storage.

A couch, a coffee table, a lamp, and three plants

No. 7 Create an illusion with artificial lights

If you live in a rental and don't have too many options, or your home is simply not positioned in a way that lets light in, create an illusion. Of course, artificial lights don't have the same effect as natural light, but you can sometimes trick the brain. Here are some tips on how to do that:

  • Place it strategically. Use floor lamps and table lamps to brighten up corners or hallways that natural light doesn't reach.
  • Use dimmer switches. This solution gives you all the control you need over the light in your home. For example, if it's a bit cloudy outside, you can turn the lights on to enhance the natural light. 
  • Install under-cabinet lighting. This is an excellent trick to light up dark areas. And it also creates a cozy atmosphere. Not to mention the fact that they can lower your energy bill. 


Natural light represents a key element in any home. It can improve your mood and help you stay sane. Not to mention that it’s also known for increasing productivity. Therefore, it’s important to do everything possible to get more of it. Even if your home was not built with this in mind, you still have some options. So, use these tips for bringing more light into your home, and you will not regret it.

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