How to Help Your Child Transition Back to School

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The end of summer vacation can be a daunting time for kids. Instead of spending time outdoors, kids have to return to classes and homework. However, you can help your kids transition from summer to school by following the tips from this blog. Simple changes like kids room refurbishment may do wonders for your child. Therefore, make sure to keep reading and get your child ready for another school year with ease!

Speak with your kids about room refurbishment

Sit down with your kids and ask them if there's something they would like to change about their room. This is an excellent way to help them mark the beginning of another exciting school year. The good news is that kids love changes and improvements and really just to be part of the process. It becomes easier for them to study and focus if their room is where they love to spend time. Therefore, look at the walls, shelves, and other furniture pieces. See if the walls need a repaint. If so, opt for warm, neutral colors. Open a catalog and check interesting furniture pieces for kids they would like. Let the kids choose their new chair or even desk in their favorite color. Allow them toys, posters, or other decorative items that look like their favorite comic book or cartoon character. These slight changes will definitely improve your kids' mood, as well as focus. 

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If you plan to give your kids' room a completely fresh new look, then simply ask professional interior designers for help. Tell them about your ideas for the room and listen to what they have to see. 

Why consult an interior designer?

An interior designer will help you make your idea true in a practical and doable way. They will also show you various ways you can mix different interior styles for a kid's room. At Liberty Interior Design we strive to help you make your home dreams come to life. If you are interested in speaking with one of our expert designers, you can book a consultation here.

Talk about new hobbies with your kids

Extracurricular activities will make kids' life after school lessons more exciting. If your child (or children) doesn't partake in any hobby, now is the time to change that. If the kid likes sports, dance, or drawing, find local teams or art clubs. There, your kid can get to know other kids that share the same interest

Help them schedule their school tasks

A transition from summer play to school is a perfect opportunity to teach your kids the art of planning. Tell them they will have more time for play if they are on time with homework and studying. Also, show them how to curate their own weekly schedule on a large piece of paper. For example, they can write their school duties in blue and extracurricular activities in purple. Chances are, your kids will develop a better understanding of proper time management.

a friend showing you help your kids transition from summer to school

Show your kids how to plan their school activities and playtime.

How to help your kids transition from summer to school if moving to another place?

It takes time for a kid to fully get used to school after the playful and joyful summer holiday. However, you have to help kids adjust to the new environment if you're changing the address. Keep in mind that moving is a stressful endeavor, which is why help from expert movers in Ontario means a lot. As soon as you decide on the exact moving dates, browse some of the best long-distance movers Ontario has on offer

Expect your kids will miss their friends, as well as their old neighborhood and school. Having said that, moving, especially with kids, will require additional patience and the right approach that will ease the stress that every location change brings. So, make sure to have a prior conversation with your children about the upcoming move. Explain it as a new beginning for them as they will meet new friends. Have your laptop or tablet prepared with pictures of their new school. It's helpful for kids to know ahead of they will spend time in great classrooms, for example. Also, you can walk them to school, if it's not too far, and explore the new neighborhood with them.

Quick tips for hiring a reliable long-distance moving company in Ontario

The moving market in Ontario is filled with excellent long-distance movers with a track record of successful relocation endeavors. Nevertheless, it's good to know what to look for in a mover and thus ensure the decision you've made is the right one:

  • All the necessary licenses. 
  • An informative website with a free estimate/quote button on the homepage.
  • Spacious, climate-controlled storage units. 
  • Variety of packing services. 

When the company offers all services you need and provides a sufficient number of capable movers, you know your move will run smoothly. In addition, you can include your kids in the process by allowing them to draw on the boxes and write what's inside them. Moving will be a nice memory for your kids if you make it fun for them