Interior Design Tips: How to Mix Metals

Interior Design Tips: How to Mix Metals

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Home décor standards exist for a reason; they have been tested and proven over and over. However, when it comes to combining different metals there are misconceptions around what goes together. Mixing metals gives any room a clean and beautiful look, leading the eye from the primary hue to the accent colors. You can use metals as a statement in a space or a way to balance the room. In addition, various metals work together and can be used to brighten your home. Yet, knowing how to mix metals in your interior design can be daunting. Combining gold and silver, as an example, it is possible to balance these metals in your space. Also, besides choosing which metals to mix, you should consider the metal finishes. Brushed stainless steel, hammered copper, or antique brass are just some examples of finishes you can use. As a result, to make your life easier, we covered all the essentials you need to know about mixing metals in your interior design.

Metals used in interior design

When picking metal elements for your home design, you must consider metal tone, type, and finish. Metal tones also come in three categories: warm, cool, and neutral. At the same time, there are three types of finishes: polished, satin, and hammered. All the tones and finishes apply to every metal, but interior designers prefer just a few of them. For cool tones, designers use chrome, nickel, or stainless steel, while for warm tones, they use gold, brass, and copper. The favored neutral tones include cast iron and black matte brass.

round bobber light with black and brushed gold.

If you mix different metals and metal finishing in your interior design, you can have spectacular results.

Choose one metal as a base

When you walk into a room, you should be able to determine with ease what the primary color is. If you divide a space into two equal parts with contrasting colors, it will seem disorganized and chaotic. Instead, you should pick one finish as the base and incorporate other finishes that will accent it. In other words, you should mix metals in your interior design but don't mix different types of metal in one room.

Start with a metal that describes the style of the room to make it obvious what design you want to exhibit. For instance, if you want a room in a traditional style, go with polished nickel as your foundation. And, if you are aiming for a more contemporary look, choose matte black.

However, our advice is to stay away from too many high-shine finishes. They are hard to combine with other finishes and can rapidly convert a room into something other than what you intended. So, if you're wondering how to store large furniture with a shiny metal finish, put away your current pieces and replace them with a matter option. Pack the furniture pieces carefully and keep them in a controlled setting where they will be preserved and safe. A storage unit might be a perfect choice.

Pick a theme for the room you want to design

Incorporating mixed metals into your house does not necessarily imply that you are abandoning your sense of unique flair. For example, if you love your farmhouse look, including metals does not have to disrupt it. What you should keep in mind, however, is that the metals you choose should complement the items you already have. For instance, if you have a stainless steel kitchen, add a chandelier or vintage item with some gold to add texture and utter elegance! To create a metallic balance in a gold-themed room, use chrome items. And if you believe the space you designed is too cold, use brass, antique brass, iron, or gold tones to warm it up.

black round framed mirror with brushed gold sconces

Mix metals with a purpose

Metal mixing can be an exciting experiment, but it does take some preparation and organization. The mix of metals in your interior design should have a purpose rather than be random. We suggest focusing on one metal color and then adding an opposite color as an accent or focal point in the space. Another idea is to spread various metals so that they all work in harmony. That includes using light fixtures, wall décor like mirrors, faucets, handles, and even furniture to distribute finishes from ceiling to floor. A well-balanced mix and spread will make the combination look and feel natural. However, be careful to equal out the distribution since combining metals might go wrong if the balance is improper. Avoid clumping together too much metal or losing the focus point.

For example, if you use mirrors in your home to make it appear larger, don't go crazy with them. Keep only the ones consistent with the rest of the design, and remove the rest. If you're unsure how to pack and move mirrors, you can keep them secure by putting them with cardboard, bubble wrap, and tape and depositing them in a storage unit until you decide what to do with them. You can either change the frames and use them in a different room or sell them at a garage sale.

Be bold when you mix up metal and metal finishes

Combine two finishes, such as polished metal and hammered metal, if you want to create an eclectic look. And if you are too scared to combine metal types, stick to just one metal. For example, you can use copper and look for different finishes to offer diversity while maintaining a uniform design. But never, under any circumstances, use the exact same color of the metal with only different finishes. It would look like you couldn't match your finishes and took the easy path.

At the same time, try not to go overboard with your metal mixing. A room decorated with a mixture of metals is one thing, but mixing metals on one item in the room is where you should draw the line. For instance, if you have a bathroom door with black metal handles, don't put brass hooks on the back of it, even if the fixtures in the room are brass. Instead, keep them simple and black. That way, you won't have too much metal mixing in one room.


Ask for help when you want to mix metals in your interior design

The beautiful part about choosing to mix metals in your interior design is how simple it is to give a sense of refinement to any room. However, if you are new to the mixed metal décor style, you can consider reaching out to us at Liberty Interior Design. It will save you the research time and the money you would otherwise spend experimenting. Our reputable interior designers know the trends, so you can be sure that you will have the design of your dreams when they finish.