How to Nail Your Renovation

When it comes to nailing a renovation I feel like the Campus Parkway Project takes the cake!

I have to tell you this project didn't start out like I expected!  We are all human so I know you can appreciate having a day when nothing goes your way? Well the first day I was to meet with my clients on the Campus Parkway Project was just that, a very bad day. I will not bore you with the details, let's just say it could have been better. Once I met my clients it didn't take me long to snap out of my bad day!  I remember one of them saying to me how grateful they were and how cool it was to have the type of services I was offering in Chatham-Kent. After hearing this my bad day just fell away and I remember feeling so thankful for them and how gracious they were to me. This was the beginning of a great collaboration and friendship.

Design is more than colours and textures

My clients have a great eye for colour, they love unique things and were very open to my ideas from the beginning. I could tell from the beginning the engagement would be a true partnership. Ensuring that we are on the same page in terms of style is important, however, I feel like the best projects are true collaborations at their core. It's so important to learn how to communicate your needs and your vision to your designer. I also believe it is part of your designer's job to really get to know you and understand how you want to live and feel in your space.  I can honestly tell you that when clients are open and trust the experts they hire; magic happens. This project  had it all, openness, trust and collaboration.

blue sofa, boho style, white walls, california shutters

Do you want know the #1 reason one renovation starts a domino effect in your home?

We started our Campus Parkway Project with one front room, they wanted to add a few new pieces of furniture but mainly it was paint colour selecting and styling.  We had so much fun with this front room project. Lots of laughs.  When we were picking the colour for the accent wall on the fireplace I intuitively selected the Sherwin Williams colour Daphne which was my clients daughters first name (without knowing of course). You can see how fabulous it turned out in the picture below.

white shiplap fireplace and Sherwin Williams Daphne accent wall

Seriously though, this room turned out perfect, every detail was exactly what both my client and I envisioned.  They loved it so much they decided to renovate the rest of their main floor! And that is how you move from one renovation project smoothly to the next. You fall is love with the finished space and it makes you feel good. The logical next step is to expand that feeling to the rest of your home.

 From DIYer to Contractor

Sometimes when you are handy you end up doing all of the projects in your home, this is a bonus especially on your pocket book. DIYing a project doesn't mean you don't need to work with a designer it just means that you can stretch your budget a bit farther.   This was the case for the Campus Parkway Project. Since our client was a very skilled carpenter he was able to complete the entire front room project on his own. Being a busy father and professional is challenging enough. Layer on  wanting to finish your projects quickly and not live in a construction zone for too long. After completing the first design for my clients they were very happy and reached out to ask if I would be willing to support the design of their main floor renovation; of course I was. This time we were going to tackle both design and project management. You will recall that we do offer design only services through Liberty Interior Design as well as renovation and project management services through Liberty Home.  For these busy clients it just made sense to go forward with our contractor match service.  

The before and after shots for this project are stunning!

We all learned a lot throughout this process. Over the year and a half we built a great partnership with all the trades involved, we grew together, learned together and created unbreakable bonds.  

If I could have one wish it would be that everyone gets to experience what it is like to truly feel fulfilled by the work they do. I am so grateful for the opportunity to serve and for the friendships gained. 

Enjoy these beautiful shots of the main floor renovation!   

White Kitchen, gray blue island, barstools, wood table, coffee bar, floating shelves, Erin Liberty

Coffee bar, floating shelves, grey island,  board

wood barstools

white book shelves behind sofa

What Room Is next on your renovation list?

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