How to Stage your Virtual Listings

Staging a property is one of the most critical aspects of facilitating the sale of a property and achieving top dollar for your home. And with many of the aspects of real estate moving online, preparing your home for virtual tours has gained increased attention as part of the staging process.


But the power of virtual listings has been apparent even before the advent of the pandemic, with statistics indicating that properties with 3D virtual home tours selling 10% faster than homes without them. 

With this in mind, keep reading to discover 5 staging projects that can help your home stand out in virtual listings!

Make Your Siding Shine With a Fresh Coat of Paint

No part of the building envelope has the ability to influence curb appeal quite like the siding. And unfortunately for those homeowners who use a wood or masonry siding product, the appeal of these rustic products can wear off rather quickly, with treatment every two years necessary to prevent cracking, peeling, mold, mildew, or rot damage. 

Therefore, it is critical that you apply a coat of moisture resistant exterior paint prior to listing your property. Moisture-resistant paints are ideal for siding because they protect against both direct water damage and humidity infiltration. They use pigments, solvents, and resins to create a moisture and vapor barrier that not only protects against moisture, but helps ward off damage caused by wind-driven weather events. The result is a finish you can trust to shine for aerial photographs even in the face of the most inclement conditions. 

Top Off Your Home With a Roofing Replacement

Although the roof may escape intense scrutiny when viewed from the street, it comes to the center of attention when subjected to drone photography. As a result, cracked, faded, and blistered roofs are a surefire way to detract from your property’s appeal during virtual tours.

When looking into replacement options, it is best to prioritize innovative products that can help your home withstand the myriad severe weather events that are rocking the country with increasing frequency. There are a number of composite fire resistant roofing products that can mimic the appearance of asphalt, Spanish tile, or slate while providing elite protection against UV damage and projectile force. This creates a like-new aspect for your home years after less durable solutions have begun to degrade. 

Grab the Gloves and Do Some Landscaping

Although landscaping may not top the list of most exciting home improvement projects, it is absolutely critical for helping your home shine come staging time. 

landscaping on a house for resale

The great part about landscaping is that there is no project too small to make a major difference. From raking leaves to pruning dead tree branches, xeriscaping problem areas of the yard to sealing cracks in the sidewalk, any landscaping efforts can inject new life into a rundown property.

The only note of caution about landscaping is that you don’t want to go too over-the-top with your efforts. Elaborate gardens or rare plants, while attractive when well-maintained, may cause some buyers to hesitate if they envision the hassle of keeping up appearance is more trouble than it is worth. 

Add a Deck to Accentuate Functional Exterior Space

The COVID-19 pandemic helped draw focus on the importance of having functional exterior spaces for homes. To this effect, one of the best ways to add exterior space is through a deck addition. Because a beautiful deck will allow virtual shoppers to imagine the possibilities of fun in the sun, estimates indicate that a deck addition will recoup an impressive 65% of project costs through increased property value. To further augment the impact of your project, be sure to incorporate modern deck railing and include a pergola to provide some shade from direct sunlight. 

exteriror deck on house in forest

Give the Home a Facelift and Install a New Garage Door

A truly impactful way to improve your property’s curb appeal is through a new garage door. This simple project recoups a whopping 93% of project costs and can be accomplished in as little as a few hours with a professional installation. There are countless contemporary garage doors that can establish your curb appeal for a virtual tour, such as modern farmhouse, Mediterranean, colonial, tudor, or whatever your personal preference may be. 

Help Your Virtual Listing Shine With These 5 Staging Projects

A strong virtual presence can truly help a home separate from its competitors in the digital age. By connecting your property to clients all across the nation and allowing them to see your home from every angle, virtual listings truly go where traditional in-person listings cannot. To enhance the curb appeal of your exterior and help your property shine online, painting your siding, replacing the roof, performing some landscaping, adding a deck, and installing a new garage door are 5 staging projects that look great in virtual listings!

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Natalie Akins is a freelance writer that loves sharing her knowledge and expertise on interior decorating and remodeling. She lives in her hometown of Austin, Texas where she enjoys spending time with her husband and decorating with her children. Natalie’s work as a freelance writer can be found on Building Product Advisor, a new construction industry resource launching in the New Year.