Lagoon Road Project - Authentic Farmhouse Large Scale Renovation

It's not very often when we visit a client who lives in a true farmhouse where they want to maintain the character of the home. This project was such a treat to work on. We had so many talented trades that worked with us on this project and we all came together to not only preserve the beauty of this farmhouse but complement it. The perfect mix of new and old! 
farmhouse, white kitchen, shiplap, wood stools, storage solutions, mudroom
We had our challenges to ensure that we were able to replicate the stain colours and existing wood work in the home. The interior design needed to ensure that it tied in with the rest of the house.
We added a new big window in the mud room and we wanted to tie in the exterior look to the front of the house. Symmetry was very important in this project.  See the arches, some were existing and some were added by our talented contractor.
farmhouse traditional arch
farmhouse, dining room, arches, wood work, interior design
The simple fact is we live differently today than we did a year ago, we live differently in our homes than we did 100 years ago, we are constantly making small changes and repurposing spaces. How do you know it’s time for big changes? When it’s time you will know, you get tired of having to keep making those small accommodations day in and day out. In the end, no-one knows more how they want to live in their home than you... sometimes it just takes a team of professionals to make it happen; brainstorm, come up with a plan, trust and execute!
wood stained open shelving, live edge. maple wood, white cabinetry, modern farmhouse
My client had an extra living room space they were not using. They also had a very small entrance that didn’t function as a mudroom. We put our heads together and decided to repurpose the extra living space for the new kitchen and the old kitchen as mud/storage room. I’d say the results are perfection! So much practical storage and flow. 
Project: Lagoon Road
Designer: Erin Liberty
Woodworking & Custom Finishes @liberty_homecanada Joe Liberty
Kitchen: CK Tubs and Taps
Flooring: Owen Flooring
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