Lakeside Cottage

Big reveal coming!!! We are beyond excited to share with you a lakeside Cottage Remodel!!

This project is near and dear to our hearts for many reasons.

Don’t you just love when something comes together just as you imagined it?

At Liberty Interior we are huge fans of collaborating with our clients; listening to their likes, dislikes, and dreams for their spaces. This project was the ultimate collaboration and we are thrilled with the results.

We stayed true to the character of this cottage and injected some life into the palette. In design you can play it safe or you can go for wow . Colours are like feelings you can be empathetic for how others feel but you don’t have to feel the same. We always tell our clients the only thing that is important in design is how the space makes YOU our client feel when it is done. Our designs are individualized and don’t have to work for everyone; they just have to be loved by those who will live in the space.

Pops of colour and patterns are a game changer in any room. What is your favourite accent colour to inject into your spaces? These curtains are a game changer in this lakeside cottage. Stay tuned for the big reveal coming soon!