Liberty Marketplace Artisan Feature: Keleigh Korteweg

Born in London, Ontario, artist Keleigh Korteweg now lives in Kingston, Ontario.
Her interest in art began at an early age. She studied Art & Art History at Sheridan College & the University of Toronto. Following several years of instruction in watercolour and then acrylic painting, she now works solely in acrylics on canvas.
“My influences come from the immediate world around me. Everyday scenes inspire. I love using strong colours in my work, finding them very life-affirming. For me, the creative process is one of channeling, a form of deep meditation. My objective is to bring a little joy, amusement, and distraction to the viewer, to remind them of simpler times - a momentary pleasant pause.” 


Keleigh’s artwork has been shown in Prince Edward County and in a variety of venues in and around Kingston, Ontario.