Liberty Marketplace Artisan Feature: Melissa Debvec Art

Melissa Debevc is an artist who lives and works in Chatham, Ontario, Canada.  A “jack of all trades”, Melissa has a talent for mastering various media including pencil, coloured pencil, pen and ink, acrylic, oil, watercolour, wool and porcelain paint. 


Melissa grew up in the Windsor and Essex County region where her artistic talent was recognized and encouraged at an early age.  She developed her artistic skills in high school and over the years attending various community art classes.  In 1993 she met a local porcelain artist who inspired her passion in pursuing this media.

Porcelain painting is usually done on already glazed and fired porcelain.  Better known as China Painting.  It is the application of mineral paints with glass in them, which adhere when they are put together and fired at a high temperature in a Kiln. They become a permanent bond with the glaze on the porcelain. There is no effective white to paint with so a porcelain painter must work from light to dark, always digging to the background to preserve highlights and light shades on the painting surface. The darker the work the harder it is to preserve these highlights.  The average amount of firing is four times.

Some of Melissa’s porcelain art has up to ten fires.  Overglaze painting with mineral paint is not an easy art form.  The porcelain artist must be varied in her skill and must think about pigments and firing as well as the application of his brush.

Melissa specializes in realism and enjoys painting animals, portraits and birds.

Melissa is also is a Professional Engineer with a bachelor’s degree in applied science in Civil Engineering.  Her career has been varied and included hydraulic modelling of pipeline infrastructure, and design and construction inspection of various municipal infrastructure projects.  She has a passion for home renovation projects, is an avid bird watcher, enjoys camping and outdoor activities, reading, knitting and cross stitch.

At Liberty Interior we are grateful for the opportunity to feature Melissa's art and collaborate to commission one of a kind pieces for our design clients!

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