Shop River's Current Fall Favourites

FALL in love with these must have items for this season:

1. Bring Nature Inside Your Home with This Unique 5-Knife Block Set. This adds depth and dimension to the kitchen due to its organic contrast. Wood kitchenware does an excellent job at complimenting the darker seasons and their design compliments all fall recipes!

2. The perfect way to stay cozy while watching our favorite Halloween movies is to make some hot cocoa and cuddle up with a wool weighted blanket. The feeling of warmth and comfort it brings is indescribable and makes it the perfect way to spend a chilly autumn day. Not only does it bring endless cuddles but also lightens up any space.

3. Denim! Denim! Denim! Denim is a timeless fabric that is perfect for layering during the colder months. Not only is it an amazing fashion statement but its also great for adding a subtle pop to texture and dimensions to any space. 

4. When entering the colder and darker seasons, sometimes our space can reflect on the outdoors. Bring natural beauty into your home with this unique green moss ball. Not only does it lighten up your space but adds life to the interior. 

5. When September comes, so does warm baths and Netflix. This piece is hand made and adds uniqueness to a home. It has a slot designated for iPad and tables, it holds a wine glass, and also room for late night snacks.