The Home Edit Inspo: "Finishing Touches" (Part 3/3)

Hello beautiful people!
Welcome back to The Home Edit Inspo blog, inspired by the book “The Home Edit Life: The No-Guilt Guide to Owning What You Want and Organizing Everything”, written by Clea Shearer and Joanna Teplin.

We are official on Part 3/3. In the first part of our blog, we discussed how and where to start when you are feeling stuck at “square one” of the reorganizing and decluttering tasks.  In the second part of our blog we went over how to make your space flow and “make sense”.

Now that we have prepared you for lift off and helped you progress through your home editing, it is time for the final touches!
Are you still with me? I sure hope so!


Square Three: The finishing touches



  1. Always create a focal spot.

“Or what we refer to as a ‘moment’. Even the smallest touch can make a space shine”. Some examples of this are “a favourite handbag displayed in a closet on an acrylic riser. Art supplies or books sorted in a ROYGBIV on a playroom shelf”. etc. 


We usually have items that we absolutely LOVE. That item that (as Marie Kondo would say) “sparks joy” within us. It may be something we love, something that makes us proud, something that is aesthetically pleasing, or maybe even something that we maybe spent a liiitle too much money on (but have no regrets doing so). That is what you should make the focal point in your space.


  1. Be spatially aware.

“Look at the entire space before implementing anything. You want to make sure you are taking advantage of all available room evenly. Think in odd numbers: three baskets on a shelf look a lot better than 4. if you need to fill the space, center the baskets and spread them out evenly.

if you can stack, stack -but always think about visual weight and distribution beforehand you don't want things to look lopsided or top heavy”


This is where you need to come back to that Golden 80/20 Rule in mind from Part 2/3! “Keep your home no more than 80% full, and reserve at least 20% for breathing room”. Be aware “breathing room” when spacing items apart and how you stack items as you make your space “pretty”.



  1. Uniformity is key

“Pick your products wisely and consistently. Having mismatched pieces makes a space look disheveled and disconnected. Determine the aesthetic of your home or space and let that style lead your shopping decisions. Mirror same or similar items to create balance in a room (AKA symmetry)”.

It’s always pleasing on the eyes to look at items that match as opposed to mismatched. When you organize, it is smart to invest in some storage containers. There are lots of different kinds of storage containers to choose from such as, baskets, fabric bins, jars with lids, cannisters, acrylic storage bins etc. Whatever you use, keep it all uniform for the space you are organizing. For example, in the pantry, it is typical to use jars with lids or canisters. On a shelf, that is where you would usually use baskets or fabric bins.



  1. Add a label

Most of the time a label is part of a system that helps keep the space organized. But sometimes a label can be used just for its aesthetic value and that's OK too.


Labels are 100% key for me and staying organized. Label makers are cost effective and can be found in many places such as Amazon, Staples, Walmart and more! Definitely worth the investment. Or, if you have a Cricut, you have even more creative freedom and can make customized labels with a multitude of fonts and colours to choose from.


  1. Wipe down surfaces

“It may seem obvious but cleaning your room- especially the windows and glass cabinets- goes a long way in making a space feel tidier”.


You would be surprised at how much tidier your space looks once you give it a thorough wipe down.  It truly does bring the space back to life and makes it appear good as new again.



Tips from me to you!

As you are reorganizing and “editing” your spaces, you may find that you are letting go and getting rid of a bunch of items. Before immediately tossing items in the trash, consider these two things.

  1. Check out any local shelters, non-profit organizations and/ or donation boxes that could really benefit from the things you are getting rid of. “One person’s trash is another person’s treasure” right?

Items such as clothes, shoes, and toiletries are always needed. It always feels good to give to others who are in need!

    2. You could always try to make a little bit of extra cash by selling your items       online. Try selling your items on Facebook marketplace or Kijiji! 


Both options feel rewarding after the hard work of editing your home!


And there you have it! You have officially made it to the end of our Home Edit Blog!
Thank-you for reading!