Top Seven Interior Design Trends for 2023: Fresh Ideas for Modern Living

Modern living is something that shifts from year to year and leaves people puzzled about how they can make it work for their lives. Fortunately, there are countless styles, color combinations, and design details that can make sure modern living fits your personal tastes. When you’re ready to pull your property into 2023, it’s time to incorporate some of these modern details.


1. Natural Wood Throughout

Home flipping has completely changed the relationship a lot of people have with the design. In the early 2010s, an all-white kitchen was considered cutting-edge and impressive; after all: who could keep up with the immense work to keep all of those surfaces bright white?

Unfortunately, cheap remodels have changed the public opinion of all-white kitchens and homes. Many consider it to look cheaper or like dirt and grime are being hidden by a fresh coat of paint.

In 2023, there's a big push to get away from the sterile all-white kitchen and move towards something far more natural and welcoming. Natural wood tones and materials will be booming in popularity in 2023. People like the healthier appearance and feel like it makes their homes seem more connected to nature. This is easy to incorporate into any home; just make sure to limit your stain palette to no more than three shades or hues.


2. Playing With Texture

The texture is one of the best ways to boost a home's appearance without having to break down walls or change every last detail of a room. Texture changes will shift how people experience the entire space and can even make it feel more extensive or more expensive. If you have a bathroom that feels empty and underutilized, it’s time to look into bathroom shiplap ideas! These ideas will give you the opportunity to draw your eyes upward and make the room feel larger or add visual interest.


3. Letting Details Do the Talking

Don't be afraid to lean into the details! From kitchen trash cans that are tucked into cabinets to intelligent lighting that can turn off and on through a schedule, think about the small things that can make your life easier. Update the smaller items, from cabinet hardware to lightswitch covers and even door knobs. Although these changes may be small in the large image, they're large enough to make the entire home feel different and updated.


4. Get Rid of Clutter

Don't clutter your home with items you don't care about, use, or need! Although it might feel tempting to simply set out a bunch of trinkets on a shelf if you don't actually care about them, you're just gathering dust. This also means cleaning out storage, counter space, and so much more if they're cluttered or messy. Give yourself a chance to breathe and enough room to grow into. Although you don't have to throw away literally everything that doesn't spark joy, you should be mindful of what you own, how much it means to you, and whether you'd miss it if you donated or sold it.


5. Understanding the Importance of Natural Light

Natural light is the best thing for our mental and physical health, giving us the ability to get a regular sleep schedule and also making the homes we live in feel more extensive and more comfortable. Most homes have at least one window in every room, but you can take it further! In 2023 there's been a massive boost in adding windows. This can be done for less than a thousand dollars per window and adds lasting value to your property. In 2023 we see a surge in bay windows and skylights, but you can also simply add classic windows to a room that needs more light and watch it blossom into something unique! 


6. Remembering Comfort

Comfort is vital in 2023. Many designers are going away from harsh lines and stark contrast and are leaning toward the more comfortable things in life. This means softer and more plush furniture, muted colors, and lots of rugs and soft blankets.

White bathtub with wooden cabinet

Despite this, carpeting is still out. In recent years many studies have shown that carpet holds onto allergens and ends up being less sanitary than wood or other hard flat floors. You can always wash or replace a rug with ease, which is far better than having to worry about what dirt or grime has made its way into your carpet.


7. Adding Touches of Luxury

Luxury is a massive deal in 2023! Many homeowners feel like they've overspent on a property and are worried about getting all of their money's worth out of it. Instead of stressing out this, it's time to look into updating your home into something new and enchanting. This means adding touches like heated countertops and shower floors, clever home details, and even in-window blinds. Luxury can elevate any home into something far more enticing. 


Every Home Needs a Fresh Face in 2023

Large kitchen with windows

Although trends go in and out of style, the top ones in 2023 are those that you'll want to keep for a lifetime. From more comfortable furniture to natural touches throughout your home, there's nothing as beautiful as a modern and updated home: contact Liberty Interior Design when you’re ready for a gorgeous home.