Transition your decor from Summer to Fall Seamlessly

Not Ready to Let Go of That Summer Feeling but Know It's Time to Think About Fall Decor? 


That is why Liberty Interior Design and Plantita & Co. have partnered together to bring you simple ideas to make the transition with ease!

Liberty Interior Design Ltd. an interior design firm and home of the Liberty Marketplace Artisan Showroom provides you with some really great styling tips for your Coffee table, entryway and kitchen table that will get your  house ready for the fall celebrations!

As the summer sun slowly sets and the crisp air of autumn approaches, it's only natural to want to hold onto the warmth and vibrancy of the season we're bidding adieu. But fear not! Transitioning from the carefree days of summer to the cozy ambiance of fall doesn't have to be a sudden change. Liberty Interior Design is here to guide you through a seamless transformation, helping you infuse your home with autumnal charm while still holding onto that summer feeling.

Bringing the Outdoors In: Styling with Natural and Sustainable Products

One of the best ways to bridge the gap between summer and fall is by incorporating natural and sustainable elements into your interior decor. Think about the way nature transitions during this time of year - from lush greens to rich earthy tones. Embrace this change by adorning your entryway, coffee table, and kitchen table with pieces that echo the beauty of the changing seasons.

 lush greens

Entryway Elegance

Your entryway is the first impression your guests have of your home. Make it a warm and inviting space by placing a rustic wooden tray on your entryway table. Fill it with dried leaves, pinecones, and natural elements that capture the essence of fall. Add a touch of elegance with a scented soy candle, infusing your space with comforting fragrances that evoke cozy evenings.

 entry way with euchalyptus

Coffee Table Charm

A central hub of relaxation, your coffee table can become a focal point of autumnal delight. Arrange a stack of vintage books in warm hues, topped with a vase of dried flowers or twigs. For a sustainable touch, consider placing a woven basket filled with knitted blankets, offering a cozy invitation to snuggle up with a cup of tea as the weather cools down.

 pottery barn coffee table and liberty interior rug

Kitchen Table Harvest

Embrace the harvest season by styling your kitchen table with a centerpiece of gourds, pumpkins, and seasonal fruits. Incorporate sustainable servingware, like bamboo or reclaimed wood trays, for a conscious touch that aligns with the changing environment.

Kitchen table with fresh greenery 

Ready to make your transition from Summer to Fall decor happen?  Explore a range of handpicked decor items that effortlessly transition your home from summer to fall.

As the seasons shift, let your home evolve in harmony with the changing environment. By embracing natural and sustainable elements, you can create a space that captures the essence of both summer and fall. With Liberty Interior Design, Liberty Marketplace, and Plantita Co. collaborating, your fall decor journey promises to be an exciting exploration of creativity and sustainability. So, if you're not quite ready to bid farewell to summer, remember that your home can carry its warmth and energy into the cozy months ahead.

But wait, we are not done! Plantita & Co. is swooping in with some great tips on dried and preserved florals that are a perfect addition to any fall styling and decor. 

Plantita & Co. Bloom Bar

As the warm days of summer gradually give way to the crisp air and vibrant foliage of fall, it's the perfect time to infuse your living spaces with a touch of nature's beauty. One versatile and timeless way to do so is by incorporating dried florals into your home décor. Among these, preserved Eucalyptus and other everlasting dried flowers take centre stage, offering an exquisite blend of natural elegance that effortlessly transitions your home from the sun-soaked days of summer to the cozy ambiance of fall.

The Appeal of Dried Florals

Dried florals have gained popularity not only for their longevity but also for their ability to maintain their colours and shapes over time. This makes them an excellent choice for year-round decorations, especially as summer gives way to fall. Unlike fresh flowers that require frequent replacement, dried florals offer a sustainable and cost-effective solution to keeping your living spaces adorned with the beauty of nature.

Preserved Eucalyptus: A Timeless Favorite

dried eucalyptus, liberty interior design, plantita

One of the standout stars of the dried floral world is preserved Eucalyptus. With its delicate leaves and soothing aroma, Eucalyptus is a staple that can seamlessly transition from summer to fall. During the summer months, a simple arrangement of Eucalyptus in a vase can add a touch of freshness to any room. As fall arrives, its muted green hues beautifully complement the changing colours of the season, creating an inviting atmosphere.

Creating the Transition: Summer to Fall

  • Sunny Centrepieces: In the midst of summer, gather a bunch of dried Eucalyptus and pair it with bright, cheerful flowers like dried sunflowers or goldenrod. This arrangement captures the essence of summer while setting the stage for the warm tones of fall.
  • Muted Elegance: As fall approaches, consider blending your preserved Eucalyptus with dried florals in deeper hues. Burgundy, rusty orange, and deep red blooms harmonize effortlessly with the muted green of Eucalyptus, creating an arrangement that exudes cozy fall vibes.
  • Wreaths of Transition: Wreaths aren't just for the holiday season. Create a wreath using dried Eucalyptus as the base and weave in delicate dried flowers that evoke the spirit of both seasons. This versatile piece can adorn your door or even be used as a stunning wall decoration.
  • Table scapes that Transform: Set your dining table with a runner of dried Eucalyptus branches. During the summer months, intersperse the branches with vibrant dried flowers. As fall sets in, replace the bright blooms with mini pumpkins, acorns, or other seasonal elements.

Caring for Dried Florals

Dried floral arrangments for fall

To ensure your dried florals remain as stunning as the day you arranged them, follow these care tips:

  • Keep them dust-free: Gently dust your dried arrangements regularly to maintain their visual appeal.
  • Avoid direct sunlight: Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight can cause the colours to fade over time. Display your dried florals in areas with indirect light.
  • Mind the humidity: Dried florals are sensitive to humidity. Keep them in a dry environment to prevent mold or decay.

Discover plant recommendations and care tips to maintain a lush indoor garden throughout the fall season.

beautiful dried floral arrangements

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