Living My Best Life

I remember reading a quote and it said, “Your day will go the way the corners of your mouth flows”… meaning a smile will change your entire trajectory. 

It’s spring break in Canada and our boys finished up their hockey season a bit early so we decided to take a little vacation to our timeshare; Tahiti Village in Las Vegas Nevada.  My parents decided they would come along with us for a little sunshine.  It seemed when we started our trip on the jetway that things were not going to go very well. The flight was delayed 3 hours while we were stuck on the plane.  Then when we arrived at the hotel we had to change both of our rooms 3 times. That meant we visited 6 rooms in one week… we also had a number of other funny out of character things happen like my phone, credit cards and licence were stolen, our trips to Hoover Dam and Grand Canyon where cancelled and our hotel room ceiling decided to cave in. 

While there was a moment where I began to get frustrated about all the comedy of issues we were having but then I was reminded. I was reminded that I can’t change the past or that those things happened, I can’t ever get the energy and time back that I spend worrying or being mad or frustrated about the situation. So I decided to take some deep breathes, think about all that I am grateful for and reset each moment after the events happened.   It’s now the last day of our trip and I am sitting in the airport with so much gratitude in my heart. I am grateful for the time spent with my family and I am grateful for the memories made.  I was so overwhelmed with joy when I finally got to experience the true wonder of the Grand Canyon and Grand Canyon West Rim Skywalk.

Grand Canyon West Rim


The joy I felt when I saw my husband and boys on the rocks brought tears to my eyes. Those are the moments i will remember and I refuse to give energy to any of the other distant memories. 


Grand Canyon West Rim Hike


I am fortunate enough to work from anywhere in the world. I am also fortunate enough to have an amazing team of designers who keep the wheel’s on the bus when I am away. Grateful for our Liberty Team!

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