6 High-Value Interior Remodeling Projects to Pursue

Our properties say more about us than many realize: so why wouldn’t you want to show the fantastic taste you’ve curated throughout your life?  From lighting that can show off how high quality the floors and counters are, to the gorgeous integration of plant life that will allow your property to feel more in touch with nature, there’s a lot you can do to any property to make it far more impressive.

These are six high-value interior remodeling projects that can make any property take off.

1. Homes Are Becoming More Intelligent

Cutting-edge technology moves beyond our phones, computers, or televisions: luxurious homes need tech to take it further.  This can be anything from a heated bathroom floor, to smart home security and even smart thermostats.  You don’t have to make your home look like it stepped out of a science fiction movie: but allowing technology to let you live in luxury will make the entire property even more enjoyable.

2. Biophilic Home Design Breathes Life Into a Property

A connection with the natural world is a large part of home design in recent years. This extends beyond larger windows. Natural wood colors can boost the natural look of your property, so can adding more nature-based colors like muted greens, and add wallpaper that has gorgeous vivid plant patterns.

The plant and lawn design around your home should be decided upon not only because of how it looks from the exterior but also the interior. A fantastic way to blur the lines between the two would be a window wall in a main living area that walks out into a gorgeous garden or green space. This allows you to get the most plant life into your design without having to rely on plants already inside.

3. Welcome Light into Your Property

Not only is natural light the best part of a gorgeous property: but it’s also vital to ensure that the home uses less energy. Natural light is the best way to make a space feel larger, cleaner, and it also enhances moods.  Adding more light to your home could mean looking into fun living room bay window ideas, or taking it further and enlarging the windows you have throughout your property.

Make sure you consider how the window size, shape, and placement, will affect the design of a space, and if it will work well with the use of a room, like a bedroom or an office. Some parts of the lighting can’t be changed, like how a bedroom is best with east-facing windows so that you can wake up with sunlight.

On the other hand, in a kitchen, although you want plenty of natural light: be aware that the more windows you have, the less wall space that makes for cabinets or counters.  If you want a wall of windows in your kitchen, you have to balance it out with enough storage and an ample workspace through an island and the other wall space in your kitchen.

4. Beautiful Details That Boost a Kitchen

Kitchens are both the creative heart of a home, as well as the most used room.  You should do everything you can to create a kitchen that breathes luxury, and that excited you when it’s time to cook or eat.  You can make minor updates, like adding molding to kitchen cabinets, but it’s better if you go into more depth.  A popular design in many modern homes is bringing back the beauty of a cabinet fridge and freezer that make them streamline into the cabinetry.  

On top of this, consider adding gorgeous details like lighting under cabinets to light the counters, beautiful mixtures of natural wood colors and copper or bronze colors, and fantastic amounts of storage.  Walk-in pantries are an absolute must that every buyer and homeowner wants.  

5. A Dressing Room to Prepare for the Day

When preparing for a new day or night: getting dressed needs to feel like preparing for something incredible. To do this, consider adding a dressing room to your property. An extension of your closet, it offers proper lighting, mirrors, storage, as well as comfortable seating or a vanity where makeup can be applied. High-quality moisture-resistant wood, and a dehumidifier, are musts for these spaces since they’re often extremely close to bathrooms.

6. Finishing a Basement into an Asset

Basements were once seen as a last-moment thought, left unfinished for ten to thirty years after the home was built: but these spaces should be an asset to the property. You can create an entire luxury suite in your basement, allowing it to become a massive bedroom with a large bathroom, huge dressing space, and room to allow you to relax.

If you’d rather get a different use out of it, your basement can become a fantastic place to indulge in hobbies and creativity in ways you couldn’t otherwise. Create usable spaces, not a rabbit den of endless tiny rooms, and make sure to use the best flooring for a basement you can find so that you don’t risk a flooded or uncomfortable basement.

Your Home Remodel Can Increase Its Luxury

There’s nothing like a high-value home to increase how luxurious your daily life feels.  Updating your property, and giving it all of the perks and incredible touches that it deserves, can ensure that you look forward to spending time inside.

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Overall Design: Erin Liberty
Kitchen Design: Laura Greer
Backsplash and flooring: @owen_flooring_design_centre
Photo Credit: @art_and_spaces

Natalie Akins is a freelance writer that loves sharing her knowledge and expertise on interior decorating and remodeling. She lives in her hometown of Austin, Texas where she enjoys spending time with her husband and decorating with her children. Natalie’s work as a freelance writer can be found on Building Product Advisors, a new construction industry resource launching in Fall 2022.