7 Ways to Add More Texture to Your Home

A living room with textured walls, wall art, a blue couch, and beige pillows

Your interior design may be on point, but it’s just missing a little something. It could be color, a piece of furniture that stands out, or wall art. But think of a more exciting way to mix it up—add more texture to your home. Depending on your budget, this can be done in various ways. Take a look at some of our suggestions to help you enjoy your home even more.

1.   Wall Treatments

When it comes to texture, incorporating wall treatments in your home is one of the best ways to create a significant effect for less. Some high-impact wall treatments include shiplap, plank walls, faux brick, picture frame molding, beadboards, and textured wallpaper. Check out some more interior design ideas for your walls:


Sculptural Wall Decor

These personalized touches will make an original design statement in your home. Whether your decorating style is modern, classical, or country, metal wall art and macramé wall-hangings can blend in perfectly.

Wall Coverings

Going for regular wallpaper is generally a safe bet. However, think of venturing out with textural wallpaper—it will add richness to any room in your home. There are various new and original styles like flocked or reflective designs or more casual styles like grasscloth and cork. These have so much character and are an exciting departure from ordinary flat wallpaper.

Architectural Details

A crown molding is a textural element that can elevate any room more than you would imagine. Adding wainscoting and picture molding at waist level can give plain white walls dimension and texture. Another way to add depth and character to your home is to put beadboards on the ceiling or install them on the back panel of a bookcase.

2.   Furniture

Adding texture through furniture is the easiest way to elevate the appeal of your home. According to Number 1 Movers Canada, statement sofas, armchairs, and beds are the most popular additions for one-of-a-kind décor. For example, add a velvet sofa to your living room. Not only will this look expensive, but it will add a fantastic tactile element to an everyday piece of furniture. Another great idea is to mix finishes like brass handles on wooden drawers or a marble top on a gold-framed coffee table.

3.   Use Fabrics to Add More Texture to Your Home

Contrasting fabrics is an inventive way to add a new dimension to a space. The most significant effect can be made on a couch, an armchair, or a bed. Consider mixing velvet with linen or faux fur with jacquard. Mixing textures can add life to not only a sofa but the entire space. A natural fiber rug can mimic the color of a wood floor and make it an exciting and unexpected detail. Silk curtains will add a sheen that cotton or synthetic

A selection of colorful fabrics and patterns

Mix and match fabrics to add more texture to your home

More ways to add texture with fabrics:


  • Go with Rugs—The right rug for your room will add a nice feel to the floor and visually transform the space. If you choose a rug with a high pile or tassels and fringing, you will undoubtedly make an impact. If you experiment with layering multiple rugs—now that is the next level of fun.
  • Use Pillows and Throws—Layering pillows and throwsis a super-easy way to add more texture to your home. Decorative pillows come in many different colors and materials and can make your spaces come alive with fresh textures. You can create lots of texture by picking knobby pillows, textured, and contrasting in color. Luxurious throws will keep you warm but also look fabulous draped over a chair or across the couch.

Colorful pillows and a rug on the floor with a gray sofa in the background

Use rugs, pillows, and throws to add texture with fabrics.


4.   Various Upholstery Techniques

Different upholstery techniques can add so much texture to your furniture. Tufted upholstery can create a built-in look. If you’re on the fence about a particular technique, start by incorporating a small piece like a tufted ottoman. Get a pack of nailhead tacks and dress up an old chair. A tufted headboard will give your bedroom an incredibly elegant look and appeal. Comforters, pillows, and curtains can transform plain fabrics into something superb.

5.   Use Tile and Masonry

Creating contrasts between smooth and uneven surfaces will give your room a distinctive character. Stacked-stone walls, glass tile showers, or slate floor tiles can create an attractive look and feel in your home. Adding masonry and tile surfaces can do wonders with tonal variations to make an appearance of texture.

6.   House Plants

We all know that plants have significant health benefits, but they are also a super-easy way to add more natural texture to your home. The colors, shapes, sizes, and imperfections are excellent texture sources. Place plants on a living room table, in the bathroom, in the corners on the floor, or hang them from a plant hanger by the window. The possibilities to decorate and add texture with various plants inside your home are endless.

A living room with lots of windows and plants everywhere

House plants of different colors, shapes, and sizes are an excellent source of texture.



Decorating a Garden

If your garden is missing texture, you can also improve it by using similar solutions from your interior décor. Adding some textured furniture and spicing it up with lovely pillows and wall art can make your garden more enjoyable. Some colorful throws for the cool evenings can be an excellent yet simple solution for your garden’s texture. Just as you would use plants to liven up the indoors, furniture and décor solutions from the interior will give new life to your garden.

7.   Mix Metals

Mixing metals can be a lot of fun when decorating, especially in kitchens and bathrooms. Pick a primary metal and accent with one or two other metals to create a perfectly unified look. Combine each metal multiple times in the same space and consider adding contrasting metals for depth and dimension to add more texture to your home. Use black, chrome, antique bronze, and gold for an unexpected pop of texture.


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