How to Incorporate Spring Into Your Home Decor

A wall with small flowers taped on it.

Winter is finally saying goodbye. Although this entails bidding farewell to some of the warmest and coziest pieces in our homes, it also presents a new decor challenge. It's time to see what the spring has in store for us this season. Reflecting the inside of your home to what the outside has to offer isn't only fun; it's a great way to live in the now. Here are some simple but effective ways to incorporate spring into your home decor.

Go lighter on the colors

Of course, you can't leave the deep shades of winter in your home during the spring days. Once the soft sunlight makes its way through your windows, you'll want it to find beige, white, champagne, light grays, and pastels. Still, this doesn't mean that you should get rid of the dark mustard couch that's the focal piece in your living room. It simply means that you should focus on removing the decorative elements that weigh down the place and bring in lighter ones.

A room filled with light colors that are great for spring interior.

When it comes to spring interior, you should mainly focus on lighter and neutral colors.


Don't be afraid to play around

Playing around with color is more fun and freeing way to incorporate spring into your home decor. If you keep your base neutral, you can get away with a splash of color here and there, no problem. Combining bright red and pink or sage and another green are great combos for this season - explore them!

Clean and organize

You can't prepare your home for spring without first organizing and cleaning your space. So, make sure to plan this out and do it on time. If you're busy and cannot find the time to clean everything thoroughly, think about hiring services that deal with this type of thing. Simultaneously, find professionals that'll rearrange and organize your home so that it reaches its full potential when it comes to practicality. 

Out with the old

Before you clean your home, make sure to get rid of winter decorations. If you don't have enough storage space in your home, find it someplace else. You don't want it lying around for days on end while you make sense of your new interior. Especially if you have fragile items in this category, make sure to be careful. Put away sensitive pieces in a storage unit that'll keep them safe and protected.  

Add flowers and greenery 

Few things say spring quite as much greenery does. Regardless of whether you're a proud plant parent or cannot seem to keep one in life for longer than two weeks, winter indeed wasn't the most convenient plant season. Since spring entails rebirth and energy, it's only fitting to bring in some plants, flowers, and greenery both into the interior and the exterior of your home.

Freshly cut flowers on a bedside table.

 Flowers make incorporating spring into your home decor a breeze.

Play with textures

Once you've thrown out all the heavy winter decorations, you'll notice that there's a bit of a disbalance. Intense colors like red and dark green occupy our attention and make the rooms seem much fuller. Lighter colors like beiges and whites don't draw our attention to them; they're neutral. Make up for this feeling by playing around with different textures. You can do that by:

  • Throw in a fun rug. You shouldn't just play around with textures on a smaller scale. People are often scared to implement this advice to some of their home's bulkier and more eye-catching pieces. That's a mistake. Including a big chunky rug in your space can make all the difference. Especially if you like to maintain a minimalist home, this move can singlehandedly liven up the room.
  • A wooden table would be great. Rough and coarse textures do wonders in a predominantly neutral space. You'll be able to carry a tiny bit of warmth and coziness that winter is known for into the spring days. 
  • Smooth marble countertops are to die for. Of course, to truly incorporate spring into your home decor, you'll need soft and light textures as well. Having a shiny modern statement piece like a marble countertop in your kitchen will make your spring mornings memorable.  

Update your artwork

Getting some new wall art can be a game-changer. Update the gloomy and atmospheric pieces with lighter and more vibrant ones. Additionally, spring is an excellent time for some DIY artwork. You can play with the elements found in nature. For example, explore and research fun and creative ways of incorporating branches into your space.

Include spring into your home decor with accessories

Spring is a bit of an exception when it comes to knick-knacks. Although you shouldn't clutter your space and go overboard, incorporating details and tiny pieces with the right color or texture is a great idea. A great way to do this is by focusing on one area of each room. If you have a bookcase in your living room, for instance, there are a lot of opportunities to explore there. You can play around with different bookends, smaller plants, sculptures, frames, baskets, etc.

Don't forget the exterior

Since spring entails nice weather and a lot of time spent outdoors, you'll want to focus on your home's exterior as well. Creating a beautiful area where you and your friends can relax, unwind, maybe have brunch is a marvelous idea. You don't have to go all out and purchase brand new furniture and decor to make it feel new and refreshed. Throwing in some glassware, blooms that match the overall color palette, and blankets to make the cooler days cozy will do the trick.

Eco-friendly is the only way!

No matter how well you've managed to incorporate spring into your home decor, it'll all mean nothing if you haven't done it sustainably. Make sure to think about the planet every step of the way. For instance, use recyclable materials, move your items all in one go to reduce the carbon footprint, and stay away from the bubble packs! We need to think of how our actions will affect future generations.

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