How to Transition from Holiday to Winter Home Decor


Whether you're the type to leave the Christmas decorations on for too long or if you're one of the rarely organized individuals, the time will come for the holiday decor to go. Although it can be sad, this creates an opportunity for new and fresh decor to see the light of day. While holiday decorations are fun and joyous, they can be a bit too generic. By making the transition from holiday to winter home decor, you'll get a chance to express your style and creativity more.

Don't lose the coziness

People tend to overcorrect when transitioning from holiday to winter home decor. Since their home has been this festive and — more often than not — cluttered space, they go for a minimal feel. Although minimalism has many significant advantages, you should be careful with it. You don't want your home to look cold, uninspired, and empty.

A cozy bedroom with fluffy blankets and pillows

Here are some tips to help you keep the cozy vibe but lose the holiday essence. 


  • Light up the fireplace

One of the easiest tricks in the book when it comes to creating a cozy atmosphere is lighting up your fireplace. Nothing says cozy quite as much as fire does. Additionally, you can decorate the mantel to make it a focal point and accentuate it even more.

  • Soft textures

Playing around with soft textures is another go-to to make your house homier. Aside from rugs and curtains, you should also add pillows and blankets, as many as you like. This won't just create the illusion of a cozy space, but you'll actually feel much warmer and more comfortable. This might be the most useful tip during those extra chilly winter days.

  • Incorporate natural materials

Natural materials such as wood and stone can make your home feel more rustic and less modern. If you want to achieve a balance between chic and comfortable, learn to use natural materials in your interior.

Declutter and organize your space

Before you fully transition from holiday to winter home decor, you'll need to let go of some items. Making space for the new decorations and all the changes you'll make in the interior of your home is necessary. The easiest way to do this is by decluttering.

Although a dreaded activity, decluttering doesn't need to be tiring and time-consuming. Start by planning how to best tackle organizing all the items that you won't be using for a while. Typically, what works best is going through everything you own, setting aside the things you don't need, and dividing them into categories.

If you're not throwing these items away, make sure to devise a plan for how you'll store them. Regardless of whether you usually use them or not, storage units are a viable option. If you're renting out a storage unit, remember to take special care of it during winter by cleaning it and checking up on the condition of your belongings (especially in case of heightened precipitation). 

Step away from the red

One of the most typical decor characteristics for the holidays is using (or overusing) the color red. A great way to transition from these days into the winter days is to get rid of the red altogether.

A living room with great neutral colors that are typical for winter days.

 Sticking to neutral colors is a safe bet when it comes to winter decor.

Of course, if some of your statement pieces or bigger furniture is red, you won't throw it away. In that case, try to cover it up with blankets or duvets if they're too flashy and showy.

Tap into winter decor palettes

Once you've gotten rid of the typical holiday colors, you'll need to substitute them with others. You can do a great job of this by choosing your favorites from different winter decorating palettes such as neutrals, whites, and blues. Make sure to pick the colors that complement each other and go well together. Also, pay attention to how they'll go with the other things in your home.

Add softer lighting

Playing with lighting is something that will help you maintain the jolly spirit of the holidays without actually looking like you're stuck in December. 

A person lighting a candle to make their space warmer and homier

 Finding a staple candle with a great smell can be a complete gamechanger.


  •     Warm tones

No matter what lighting you go for, opt for warm tones. There's enough greyness during the winter days already. There's no need to use cold lights and add dimness to the atmosphere.

  •     Candles

A very cozy, intimate, and warm ambiance is something that can make any winter day feel unique and magical. Purchase some pleasant-smelling candles and fill your space with them tastefully. 

  •     Decorative twinkle lights

Even though twinkle lights are usually only correlated to the holidays, this doesn't have to be the case in your home. If you stay away from the typical rainbow-colored lights and stick to some dimmer yellow ones, twinkle lights can make for perfect decor. However, placement is key since you cannot simply place them around the Christmas tree. A nice table spread or even using them to frame a mirror will do just fine.

Pay attention to details

Once you've thrown out all the holiday decor, your home will surely feel a bit empty. Even though you'll bring some color back into it, make sure to pay attention to the tiniest details. A great way to keep the sparkle alive is through art. You can play with art in so many different ways. Display photos or paintings of your favorite artists on your walls, fill a shelf with some books you love, or bring in some handcrafted ceramic bowls. 

Let your taste shine through

Since the transition from holiday to winter home decor allows you to quit the generic decorations and come up with some new ones, use it to your advantage. If you're really into a specific color this season, or if you'd like to try out a new arrangement in your living room, why not give it a go? It's your home, after all, do with it as you please.

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