Stress-Free Tips for a Successful Bathroom Renovation

What's so stressful about a (successful) bathroom renovation?

Since most folks know why a bathroom renovation can be stressful, we'll try to be quick. Anyway, you'll agree with us once we say that all home remodeling projects involve a lot of time, effort, and nerves. For instance, renovations can disrupt your everyday routine, you have to clear out the space where they take place, and if you're hiring pros - there are folks unknown to you working in your apartment. On the other hand, sometimes choosing to opt for a DIY approach isn't such a good thing either. Many things can go wrong if you're not experienced or skillful. And that's just the tip of the iceberg. 

Bathrooms occupy a special place inside homeowners' hearts. Even though the previous sentence sounds a bit corny, no one can argue that it might be the most sensitive place inside our residences. Therefore, most bathroom renovation ideas are pretty demanding. Let's see how you'll handle the process using the following tips for a successful bathroom renovation.

#1 Think about the weather

That's right. You might want to consider the weather first. Experts note that you should always remodel your bathroom while the weather's mild. We're talking about early fall or spring. That is because doors might have to be propped open to carry various materials or supplies. Also, the windows of your home might have to be open because of ventilation. Additionally, if you're coming from a pretty cold climate (snowy winters and all), you should avoid the coldest time of year for bathroom renovations. That's because the snow can "inspire" water to come into your house, messing up your floors with dirt and potentially ruining them.

#2 Come up with a budget

Besides considering the weather, one must set a budget before starting the bathroom renovation ordeal. Once you reach the final sum, add an extra 15-20% just to cover unforeseen issues of the items you might've forgotten (and there will be some, trust us).

#3 Don't try to cut costs wherever possible

Of course, one can always find areas where they can save and opt for less expensive items. However, there are certain items you don't want to do this with. Let's say you're trying to mount a new bathtub. Paying a bit more for a top-quality one will greatly benefit you in the long run. Bathtubs aren't easy to replace, and you don't want to do it frequently. Also, don't forget to do some research before opting for a particular product. Browse the web for various sales and deals.

#4 See if you can get away from the house

Being around the old place while the renovations are at their prime isn't the most satisfying solution (unless you're trying to DIY the whole process). If you were to ask us, we'd say it's better to get away from the house whenever you can. That way, you'll significantly reduce your anxiety. Also, we suggest you see if you can stay with your friends for a night or two or book a hotel room to recharge your batteries. People quickly renovate a home from afar, so there's no reason to worry about you not being there to inspect.

#4.1 Relocating something other than yourself

What about your stuff? Should you also relocate it someplace else? You can always inquire about storage options with your local moving company. That way, you'll ensure that nothing gets damaged during the renovation process.

#5 Deal with your toiletries

You must consider all your bathroom must-dos and how you'll handle them during renovation. You'll want to organize your toiletries for easy usage. There's a good chance you'll have to brush your teeth above the kitchen sink or utilize your smartphone camera to do your makeup. Also, we suggest you build a caddy for each household member and stock up on various toiletries. 

#6 Don't be too rigid about sticking to the timeline

Be flexible with your timeline! Once you get the renovation process going, you'll probably have a loose timeline of things you must do. However, you shouldn't be too serious about sticking to it. There's a better solution: give yourself some flexibility to attain room in case certain issues appear, or you need additional work. Being mad about missing to rigidly stick to a strict schedule might be too stressful and irritating. Not to mention that sticking to a strict schedule is next to impossible once the whole talk about a bathroom renovation starts.

#7 Leave everything to professionals

In the last segment of our text about the tips for a successful bathroom renovation, let's talk about hiring professionals to handle your bathroom renovation. If you want to do this in the most stress-free manner, simply hire experienced and trusty professionals that fit both your needs and budget. Try to get as many quotes as you think are needed. Also, talk to your friends, relatives, neighbors, colleagues, etc., to find out if they've had a good experience with this or that contractor. In other words, see if they have someone to recommend. Lastly, browse the web for online reviews and see what other folks are talking about the services of this or that contractor.

Closing thoughts on the subject

Alright, folks, there were the promised tips for a successful bathroom renovation. As you could've read, contrary to popular opinion, it's not that hard to avoid stressful scenarios while remodeling your bathroom. Just don't try to be a total control freak. Of course, a plan and a timeline must exist, but you should stay flexible. Lastly, we suggest that such a sensitive home renovation be left to professionals. Until next time!

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