Unique Decor Solutions For The Holiday’s

As we're already deep into the holiday season, it's only appropriate to pay our tributes to this magical time of the year with some tips for magical interior design. The fun part of holidays is trying to top the decorations from before, year after year. However, after a while, it may seem like you've tried it all, and there's nothing new you can do. Now that's where we come to the rescue! Here are some unique decor solutions for holidays with the family for you to try.

Jars of snowy days

The most magical thing about this season is the incredible white coat. Sometimes, you just want to bring those little shiny snowflakes with you and watch them all day. However, since hypothermia is a real thing, you might need to adjust a little. We've all had a snow globe or two in our life, but let's be a little more creative, shall we? Instead of buying a snow globe, you can use some apothecary jars that collect dust in some corner of your attic. You can make a whole miniature winter wonderland with them! It's never been easier:

n empty jar. Caption: Don't part ways with your empty jars just yet, as there are many things you can use for them! 

find some old bottlebrushes and trim them to look like trees
paint them to the color of your choice (green is good, but for a little edge – gold is your best pick)
find a miniature of a deer and some Epson salt
put Epson salt on the bottom of your jar
add the deer and one golden-sprayed bottlebrush tree to each jar
enjoy your DIY wonderland


These jars can be great additions to your children's rooms and a great way to include them in the holiday spirit without worrying about their safety.

Country-inspired Christmas socks

Okay, this one might not be to everyone's taste. But our friends who grew up in old cowboy movies will undoubtedly appreciate it. Also, given the popularity of cowboy boots over the last year, it seems fitting to incorporate a western aesthetic into our homes in time for the holidays. Your interior overall might not correspond to this style, but mixing styles can be fun at times. Right now, you can find cowboy boot stockings online that are made especially for this purpose. These boots were not designed for walking. They have bells and embroidered holly that offers the boot a touch of holiday cheer. Overall, they are one of the holiday decor solutions you can use to spruce up your home in a unique way.

Don't forget your furry buddy!

A golden retriever. Caption: Make sure your dog is not left out of all the holiday festivities.

Having your pet join in on the festivities is essential. A dog deserves a spot on the mantel, so make one out of a stuffed bone toy. Take the filling out of it and stuff it with food and toys. Also, you can use special wool-based bone-shaped Christmas socks if they fit your interior better. If you have many pets and want to give each one a unique look, utilize the monogram feature to include the animals' names.

Miniature Poinsettia arrangements

When poinsettias are trimmed for little arrangements, they really stand out. First, make sure to make cute little glasses from them. Cover some plastic or glass cups you don't use with glue, and sprinkle the glitter of your favorite color all over! Before adding Poinsettia to the setting, get rid of all the fluids that come out of it and cover the ends with a flame so it will all come out nice and clean.

Veggies are surprisingly unique decor solutions for holidays with the family

Whoever declared that all veggies have to be eaten hasn't used them as vibrant and entertaining decorations. You can buy them in some stores, but if you haven't stumbled upon them, don't fret. There are a lot of thorough explanations online that will help you make them yourself. These kinds of ornaments are unique and will make your tree stand out. They might not be great for eating after use, but they're sure to spark talk at any holiday get-togethers you throw.

Broke your ornaments? No problem

The biggest holiday nightmare is breaking all your ornaments during this season. According to the experience of experts at apollomoving.ca, many of us don't actually pack ornaments properly when we move and then forget to check if they are all intact once the process is over. That's why some people end up unpleasantly surprised when they open the boxes and see all those broken ornaments. If that happens to you, make the most of it by using some of the veggies as ornaments.

Let Santa carry your wine!


Santa Claus and an ornament. Caption: There are a lot of Santa-related great and unique décor solutions for holidays with the family.

If you haven't heard of Santa trousers wine bag yet, now is the perfect time to look it up! This is ideal if you have a few bottles of wine sitting around looking unsightly on your counter. It will keep your wine bottles safe and add a fun holiday touch to your home. The holiday season is the perfect time to give the gift of wine, and this can also be a creative twist on the standard gift bag or wrapping paper. Also, it is quite an eco-friendly optionsince your friends won't have to throw them away any time soon – they can use this as decoration for many years to come!

Final thoughts

This year has been unique in many ways. After two years of uncertainty, we've finally found a gasp of normality, and we're finally returning to our lives. This holiday season, we have a lot of unique things to celebrate. So, celebrate this fantastic Christmas by trying out some unique decor solutions for holidays with the family. Don't be afraid to be bold and creative. Celebrate a fresh start with some new ideas and your own way of creative expression. Don't be afraid to experiment; include your family in those experiments. Make the decorating process a family game, and enjoy it together all the way!

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