Kitchen Organization Tips For Maximum Efficiency

Preparing delicious meals is only the job half done. Apart from mixing fresh ingredients, there’s also a lot of work in preparing the kitchen for cooking and cleaning up afterward. A messy and dysfunctional kitchen will make the job harder and discourage you from cooking regularly. This can lead to more often fast food and takeaways and being unable to maintain a healthy diet. That’s why taking some time to organize your kitchen will be all worth it. Here are some kitchen organization tips for maximum efficiency and functionality while cooking. 

Take time to recognize critical spots

Probably the most important task in the process is to evaluate your kitchen space and see what areas trouble you the most. Depending on your kitchen’s size and design, these could be different issues. Some people have trouble with messy drawers, cluttered pantries, impractical under-the-sink spaces, etc. Take your time to see what causes you the biggest trouble when cooking or cleaning, so you can solve the issues later on. This is the initial, most important step in the process that will determine the success of the kitchen organization. 

Say goodbye to all the clutter 

Removing clutter is another step you shouldn’t skip in making your kitchen as efficient as possible. Decluttering an area such as the kitchen will ensure you don’t have things in your way when trying to cook, making you more productive. Also, it will help you see what tools and ingredients you have at your disposal so you don’t waste any of them. A clutter-free kitchen will help you save energy and time for cooking and cleaning up and put you in a great mood when preparing a meal. Finally, regular decluttering will prevent food waste, as you’ll use up the ingredients more effectively compared to when they were buried under too many containers, bags, and other unnecessary pieces. 

Bonus tip: Decluttering is a very important step if you’re moving house, too. The experts at Centennial Moving remind you not to skip this step, as decluttering will make packing and carrying a lot easier. Furthermore, you can even pay less for your move, as your moving boxes will be lighter after you remove all the junk. 

Make the layout more logical 

When it comes to efficiency in cooking and cleaning, having things right where you need them is the job half done. A logical layout of your appliances, kitchen utensils, and tools will ensure everything is handy and easy to reach when needed. Try to make zones in your kitchen –little stations that will have different purposes. Surround your stove with the items you’ll need to make food – utensils, pans, basic spices, etc. Make sure everything you need for food preparation is easy to reach. On the kitchen counter, you can create a coffee/tea station and have everything you need for a quick coffee in the morning – a coffee machine, favorite cups, and jars with coffee, tea, and sugar. Your sink is the cleaning area, so make sure your cleaning supplies, cloths, and similar items are somewhere around it. The under-the-sink area is perfect for this, especially if you use additional shelves, cooks, or racks to organize it. 

Use containers of the same type 

It’s difficult to organize kitchen cabinets or pantry shelves if the food is in containers of different shapes and sizes. Take your time to gather containers that are all the same – especially when it comes to the shape. These are easier to organize, as you can stack or arrange them in better order. Also, this will create a uniform look that will not only be practical to use but will look a lot more elegant. Get many containers and print labels to tag and categorize food so it’s easier to find and use up before the expiration date


Not all the things in your kitchen are used with the same frequency. That’s why you can improve efficiency and minimize the mess if you organize tools and foods according to their priority. Your favorites or things you use daily should be placed in front of the shelves or cabinets. This way, you’ll reach them in no time and ensure you don’t mess with the rest of the items in the back. 

Use vertical space 

Kitchen tools are not always easy to organize in drawers and cabinets as they don’t all have the same shape. That’s why hanging them can help you be more efficient and also use vertical storage space better. Hang your kitchen utensils, pans, whisks, and similar items on a wall, inside cabinet doors, etc. This will ensure everything has its place and make the kitchen tidier and your cooking more productive.

Remember: it’s incredibly important for everything to have its place, not only in your kitchen but all around your home. This way, tidying up will be more efficient and easier. You can take things back to their place right after you’re done using them instead of leaving them on a counter or desk and creating an additional mess. 

Moving into a new home? Pack your kitchen safely 

The kitchen is one of the most difficult areas to pack when it comes to moving house. It contains a lot of small pieces, and many of the kitchen items are rather delicate. To be able to prepare everything quickly, you first need to gather the right moving supplies for fragile items and pack everything safely so none of your items get damaged along the way. Furthermore, a tidy and organized kitchen ensures a quick and easy packing process but also makes unpacking simpler. When your items are properly organized, unpacking everything in a new kitchen will be a breeze. 

Final words 

These kitchen organization tips for maximum efficiency will ensure you have a great time cooking meals for your family. Food preparation in an organized kitchen is more time-efficient and enjoyable when you know your way around and have everything handy. 

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