Kylie-Elizabeth: Meet Our New Marketplace Artisan

I'm Kylie, the maker and face behind Kylie-Elizabeth! I started sharing my passion for sustainability in early 2020 making luxury eco-friendly self-care products. I've fallen in love with creating products for others to enjoy without compromising the planet!

We make products such as Body Scrubs, Skin Serums, Detox Masks, Bath Salts in reusable glass containers. Lip Scrubs in tin containers. Deodorant, Whipped Body Butter, Body Butter Sticks, Lip Balm & Dry Shampoo in compostable kraft paper containers. Finally we make Zero Waste Shampoo & Conditioner Bars.

We keep our ingredients clean and simple, our products are handmade in small batches to ensure maximum freshness & we take pride in our safe, clean & vegan formulas. Our products are tested on willing humans, never animals. Each product is hand labelled with love, we make our business cards as well as our shampoo/conditioner bar labels out of recycled cereal boxes to minimise our waste as a business. 

No matter who, & where you are on your skincare/sustainability journey, I want Kylie-Elizabeth to be more than just a place to shop sustainable products, I want people to explore their role in the well-being of their bodies & the planet.





Facebook: Kylie-Elizabeth