Spring Cleaning Tips By Sue Hawkins

Do you have a cleaning schedule?

My mom would throw open the windows every spring and do her “spring cleaning”.  It was SERIOUS business for a 60’s housewife and her reputation depended on sparkling windows and a hospital clean home.  But I confess that many a March 20th has come and gone and I never got the memo. 

Do people actually spring clean anymore?  Please comment below.  I am VERY curious!  

P.S.  If you’re interested in some of my best cleaning tips, stay tuned!  

Every Friday, I plug in my earbuds, open the windows (even a crack in the winter), pump up the volume to something upbeat on Spotify or listen to a book or podcast and dive in.  We live in a modest home, about 1,200 sq. ft.  and after about 2-3 hours, every visible surface is clean.  I only deep clean things like the fridge and stove or take down the window coverings when I notice they’re grimy.

That being said, I do have a CAYG (clean-as-you-go) philosophy.  Counters are wiped down after every meal, dishes are unloaded in the morning, beds are made, and the kitchen floor gets swept but that’s about it. 

My friend, Colleen, has a different system.  

She uses the days of the week to remind her of what needs cleaning.  

Monday- mats and mirrors

Tuesday- tubs and toilets

Wednesday- windows and water plants

Thursday- tops (she knows that means dusting horizontal surfaces)

Friday- floors

Saturday- Sheets, make soup and self care  (Gotta love that!)

Sunday-  R and R!  Really gotta love that, too!

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