7 Secrets to Designing a Cozy Living Space

Ah, you've come from work, tired, just wanting to drink coffee and watch TV in your living room. It's nice when a warm and secure atmosphere waits for you after a long and hard day. Our homes are our oasis of peace. It's a place you feel safe and relaxed. However, transforming dull four walls into a cozy and welcoming space is not always easy. So, let us let you in on seven secrets to designing a cozy living space.

1# Add cozy rugs

If it's cold around your feet, it will be cold around your heart. Wood and laminate floors are lovely, but they may be cold in the winter. Tile is the same way. You'll feel cozier and warmer when you put something soft and warm between your feet and the floor.

Yes, you might have floor heating, but a cozy little rug makes the space look warm and welcoming. It will add more texture to a plain and boring space and light up your living room. Even though they're not trending now as much, you can never go wrong with a fluffy rug for your floors. Picking a white or gray color for it might add some elegance, but it will still be a bundle of joy beneath your feet.

2# Next stop - curtains

There is absolutely nothing wrong with having only blinds in your home. But, when we're talking cozy and welcoming - nothing can cozy up a space like the right set of curtains. You can choose to keep the blinds and still add Cinderella-worthy curtains around them for an extra layer. There is something that feels like home when it comes to darker, heavy, and light-proof curtains. 

3# Add a little life to it

The more is, the merrier when it comes to your home sweet home. Even if you don't like hanging around humans so much (we're not judging), you can still have a family-like feeling when you add some plants to the picture. These little creatures not only won't bother you while you work but will also act like little oxygen factories that will help you breathe clear air. You can make any living space better and more welcoming with plants. It can always be spring in your home when you have your little green friends with you!

Some of the best picks for greenery when designing a cozy living space are:

  • English ivy
  • peace lilies
  • snake plants
  • spider plants
  • ferns
  • rubber plants

Every one of these herbs will make a great addition to your interior design! It's only necessary to note that if you have some pets at your home, you must do additional research and see if your desired plant is possibly toxic to them.

4# Avoid clutter

We did say that more is the merrier. But, like in every aspect of life, there is a limit to taste in this too. Putting too much stuff in your home will not make it cozier and more welcoming. Quite the contrary, it will make it too cluttered and uninviting. So, make sure to declutter it with taste if you want a stylish home. It's essential to keep it clean and tidy, so you might also want to consult some storage experts to take all the excess stuff that will get in the way.

5# Make it smell nice

Sense of smell is deeply connected with memory-forming tissue in our brain. You remember your cozy childhood home mostly by scent. So, one of the things you mustn't forget is - choosing the right fragrance for your home. Do you want your home to smell like vanilla, cookies, or amber? Choose what best presents you and your family, and admire the smell of home every time you come back from work or a trip. The scent you pick will also be a significant association with your home for your friends. A pleasant fragrance paints the picture of an excellent interior design and an even better atmosphere for your home.

6# Use that antique furniture you hide in the attic

There's nothing cozier then a dash of the old spirit in a new and modern space. Who says you can't combine two design genres? You can connect your old antiques in a million ways and still get the modern vibe with just a bit of old-fashioned home feeling.

Pick your favourite piece and bring it down from the attic. As for those you don't pick, make sure you store them right. You can put away some older pieces in storage facilities to ensure they are not neglected and eaten by mice.

7# Light is important when designing a cozy living space

If you want to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere in your house, ensure you have the proper lighting. Good lighting is the single most critical factor in creating a relaxing ambiance. Assessing your lighting is one of the most vital steps in designing a cozy space.

You can bring more light into your home if you prefer it. But do not use a single bright light fixture in the ceiling. Instead, stock up on lamps (both tabletop and floor varieties), candles (scented ones preferred), and ambient light sources to help you get things done. 

Final thoughts

So, there you have it - seven secrets to designing a cozy living space. All of us need to have a warm and welcoming home, especially in these challenging times. Space to share deep conversations with your friends and loved ones, room to laugh, and space to relax. Make sure to try out some of these interior design tips and tricks and make your home sweet home to enjoy with your friends and family. If you have any additional questions, you can always contact us and ask our expert designers for help - we're here for you in our cozy little online space.

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